I am an artist, teacher, mother and performer working across medium that include experimental dance and writing, video installation, photo collage, performance, sculpture and sound, as well as somatic movement and awareness practices.

In my work, I am interested in the tensions that arise between unintended consequences and controlled outcomes, between contrasting gestures and emotional qualities, as well as ordinary psychology, unordinary states of consciousness, real and imagined realities, abstract narratives, subtlety and extending the boundaries of self into unknown regions. 

Much of my work is process based and collaborative and, regardless of the final form it takes (object, image, text, performance, etc.), often stems from embodiment practices such as the Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement, and movement explorations that examine how we perceive, promote the tuning of sensory awareness, and maintain a fluid, imaginative dialogue between the actions and experiences of mind and body. I’ve used these practices as methodologies or points of departure from which ideas about content are negotiated and the content itself is selected. In my experience, these practices have an uncommon ability to reveal simultaneous layers of consciousness including identity, memory, allegory, personal mythology, as well as both intangible, metaphysical and tangible, physical realities. Much of my video and performance work is a response to these practices. 

Inasmuch, my work considers the body/self and embodiment as primary subjects. This is revealed by varied means and in varied forms throughout my work. Common constructs for this include presenting the body in relation to object, task, space or site, image, narrative, absence, etc. I create both work that allows the viewer to become the protagonist or subject(ive) body and work that uses body as form itself or to present and propel a narrative. 

Likewise I am interested in time and the body or time of the body and the experience of being lost. In being lost in body time as one might get lost in geologic time exploring a vast, expansive and ancient landscape.