SARAH WHITE-AYÓN was first introduced to the Alexander Technique through the study and practice of postmodern dance and performance. Her teaching is inspired by her experience as a professional dancer and performance artist and draws from a rich culture of mind-body, movement and energy practices. After trying a number of other body therapies, the Alexander Technique was the one re-education method she found that adequately addressed and effectively eliminated the chronic back pain she had experienced in her early dance training. She received her BFA in Dance from the University of Missouri, KC in 1999, and in 2007, her Alexander Technique Teaching Certificate from the Balance Arts Center in New York City. In addition to maintaining a private practice in the Alexander Technique, she has taught at various schools in New York City including Balance Arts Center, Movement Research, Class Class Class, and Parson’s School of Design. Additionally, she holds an MFA in video art from the School of Visual Arts Photo, Video & Related Media Program, 2011. She works with students in a thoughtful and dedicated manner to help them become aware of individual habits and patterns that often interfere with easy, efficient, pain-free movement.