The Alexander Technique provides a process for self-care by which one learns to judge the appropriate amount of effort necessary for moving in a particular activity. It begins with the idea that the human organism is designed for and capable of performing a wide range of activities. Often it is our own unconscious habits that prevent us from realizing our full, movement potential and that often lead to chronic pain, tension and injury. The technique teaches us how to consciously apply thought, intention, direction and action to undo habitual patterns of use and to find more ease and freedom in both moving and being. 

It does not constitute a series of treatments or exercises, but rather a re-education and re-coordination of the mind and body according to its fundamental principles. 

It is suitable for any age or fitness level, and can be applied to any daily activity such as sitting, lying down, standing, walking, lifting, as well as artistic performance, fitness practices, sports and yoga.

I teach mostly private lessons and occasional workshops and group lessons. I have maintained my private teaching practice in New York City for over seven years. I currently work out of two locations; in Brooklyn at The Fifth Line and in Manhattan at Balance Arts Center.

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Also, here is video from the American Society For The Alexander Technique with some helpful information: